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Cruise and Stay

If you and your partner can’t agree on what kind of holiday you want to take, cruise and stay offers the ideal solution. With half your holiday spent in a gorgeous resort and the other half spent on a Mediterranean cruise, or a Caribbean cruise, everyone will be happy. The cruise and stay option is available with a number of different resort and cruise options, including a 7-night hotel break in Cyprus followed by a 7-night cruise, taking in Alexandria and Port Said. However, there are plenty of other options available so you can choose your cruise based on the destinations you’re most interested in visiting. Cruise and stay is ideal for longer, more leisurely breaks that allow you the opportunity to relax in one place before embarking on a tour of a number of different cities, countries, or even continents.
All cruise partners feature cruise ships that are kitted out to the highest standards and there is always a wide range of accommodation and dates to choose from. Cruise and stay is just of the many holiday options that we offer – if you prefer to spend the whole holiday cruising then you could choose a Caribbean cruise or a Mediterranean cruise without the initial resort break. If you do decide to opt for a cruise and stay package, be sure to check out our last minute cruises if you’re booking a holiday to leave in the near future. There are plenty of exceptional cruise and stay deals on the site for last minute bookings, but we pride ourselves on offering value for money across all of our cruise and stay holidays.

Check out a small selection of our Cruise and Stay cruises below, or you can use our search engine or why not call our team of cruise experts to find the perfect match.