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Middle East

Fascinating cultural heritage, spectacular architecture, stunning beaches and sensational shopping opportunities make the countries of the Middle East among the most fabulous cruise destinations anywhere on the planet.

Many of the world’s leading cruise lines feature areas of the Middle East in their itineraries meaning you can visit several amazing places in one thrilling holiday.

And with the exceptional service, fine dining and high-quality entertainment you’ll enjoy on your cruise ship there really is no better way of exploring this wonderful region.

Take your pick from cruises that bring you the exciting tombs of Egypt’s pharaohs, Israel’s Holy Lands and the breathtaking coastal landscapes of Lebanon.

Perhaps your cruise will include a voyage through the Suez Canal when you’ll certainly want to be on deck to witness the once in a lifetime experience of appearing to sail right through arid desert as you progress to the Red Sea.

Other cruise itineraries in the region visit the glittering gulf ports of Dubai and Bahrain where marvellously ornate mosques are set side by side with magnificent, modern hotel complexes and absolutely amazing shopping malls.

Or there’s the exotic ambience of Oman's capital, Muscat, a real melting pot of cultures with influences from Arabic, African and Asian civilisations.

Passengers interested in this exciting region should also visit the Egypt/Red Sea and Dubai/Emirates pages on this site. World-leading cruise lines featuring the Middle East in their itineraries include P&O Cruises, Costa Cruises, Holland America Line and Princess Cruises.

Check out a small selection of our Middle East cruises below, or you can use our search engine or why not call our team of cruise experts to find the perfect match.