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Imagine Cruising offers a bewildering array of itineraries, cruise lines and ships to all the world’s hottest destinations, with a huge range of great deals representing fantastic value. And every year many cruise ships are transferred from one part of the world to another to welcome guests on new routes during different holiday seasons - also known as a repositioning cruise.

All of which can mean some amazing, affordable deals on repositioning cruises that we’re sure many of you will find appealing. You might find a transatlantic cruise that begins at a Mediterranean port and takes in the Canaries en-route to the US or the Caribbean – or vice-versa. Or another that takes an exciting trip along the Panama Canal as it passes between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. You may even be lucky enough to find a cruise to the Far East, sailing from the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal and via the Red Sea to India before arriving in the Orient.

A reposition cruise can give you the rare treat of seeing two completely different destinations, often moving from one continent to another, in one fabulous holiday. These cruises also allow passengers ample time at sea to fully explore and enjoy at leisure the wonderful amenities and surroundings of your superb home for your holiday duration – your amazing luxury liner. Some repositioning routes are rarely visited on normal cruise itineraries, opening up African or South American coastlines and other parts of the world you’d only otherwise experience on a round-the-world voyage. As well as all that, cruise lines often include extra, free-of-charge themed activities for you to enjoy during your days at sea.

Things to do in

  • Discover the treasures of the Mediterranean
  • Lounge on the sun-soaked beaches of the Caribbean
  • Trek through the jungles of South America
  • Experience the wonders of the Orient

Did you know?

Spring and autumn are the prime times of year for repositioning cruises when cruise ships make their way to oceans-new for summer and winter.

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If you’ve never been on a cruise holiday before it’s likely you’ll have a few questions and concerns – what type of people cruise, will it be formal, are cruise holidays suitable for families? We can answer all this and more to put your mind at ease before your fabulous cruise holiday.



  • We are proud of our awards – notably from the two leading British cruise lines.
  • ‘Tour Operator of the Year’ for Cunard Line.
  • ‘Tour Operator of the Year’ for P& O Cruises.
  • UK Cruise Awards 2012 & 13 as well as Agent Achievement Awards 2014.