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Amazing Australia – a land of so many contrasts and exciting experiences that it continues to fascinate and delight today’s cruise ship passengers, just as it did those early explorers centuries ago.

Australian cruises can take you – literally – to the other side of the world. As part of a world cruise to Australia from the UK or perhaps just a Great Barrier Reef cruise, travelling by ship can take you to so many of this great continent’s top sights. There is probably no harbour more iconic than that of Sydney. Cruises from Sydney start in the most atmospheric surroundings: gliding past the serrated ridges of the Sydney Opera House and the soaring arch of the Harbour Bridge before sailing out into the ocean to cruise alongside the stunning beaches near Sydney. In fact, many of Australia’s most vibrant cities are located on the coast. Take one of our Cairns cruises, or perhaps Brisbane, and not only will you enjoy the bright lights of the city but you’ll be in a great position to explore the kaleidoscopic colours of the Great Barrier Reef or the Gold Coast.

Australian cruises are easily combined with journeys around the Far East, but with so much to offer you may find yourself reluctant to leave. The western port of Fremantle is the gateway to Perth, one of the most isolated major cities on Earth and an ideal vantage point from which to explore the vineyards of the picturesque Swan Valley or discover the Aboriginal heritage of strikingly beautiful Rottnest Island. Cruise to Australia and you may have to chance to stop at one of the glorious South Pacific islands, giving your Australian cruise a whole new dimension. South Pacific cruises can stop at the dreamy Solomon Islands, Samoa or even Papua New Guinea.

Things to do in Australia

  • Visit the architecturally stunning Sydney Opera House
  • Dive through the kaleidoscope of marine life in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Browse the busy Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne
  • Go on a rainforest canopy walk in Belalong National Park
  • Watch penguins waddle in from the sea at Phillip Island
  • See the best-preserved convict settlement in Australia at historic Port Arthur
  • Play water sports at surfer’s paradise, the Gold Coast
  • Go beach fishing in the turquoise waters of Fraser Island
  • Learn about the rich Aboriginal culture in the sun-baked Northern Territory

Did you know?

Australia is the only country in the world where you can find egg-laying mammals like the platypus.

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