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Ambassador Cruise Line is a beacon of inspiration in the world of cruising, offering remarkable journeys for those seeking adventure and the joy of discovery.  

What truly sets them apart is its unwavering commitment to creating an exclusive cruising experience tailored exclusively for adults. Imagine a voyage bathed in tranquillity, where you can relish the elegance of life at sea without any distractions.

They offer inspiring itineraries, inviting guests to explore captivating destinations across Europe, the Mediterranean, and the British Isles. Whether you crave cultural enrichment, scenic exploration, or relaxation, each voyage is an unforgettable experience.

Life on board is a perfect blend of comfort, entertainment, and enrichment, all tailored to the tastes of their discerning guests. Enjoy elegant accommodations, dining excellence in a range of restaurants, and wellness through treatments and fitness facilities. Ambassador Cruise Line are also proud to embrace responsible travel and has a strong commitment to sustainability, ensuring that your wanderlust is fulfilled in harmony with the planet.

Ambassador Cruise Line Destinations

Ambassador Cruise Line Cruise Ships

New for 2023, Ambition is a ship that offers a spacious and beautifully designed that combines lively social spaces with calm corners.  
Ambience offers refined elegance, spacious cabins, diverse dining, entertainment, and eco-conscious travel, creating memorable adult-exclusive voyages. 

Ambassador Cruise Line FAQs

Is Ambassador Cruise Line adult-only?

Yes, Ambassador Cruise Line is renowned for offering exclusive cruises tailored exclusively for adults, providing a serene and sophisticated atmosphere. 

Where does Ambassador Cruise Line sail to?

Ambassador Cruise Line explores diverse destinations in Europe, the Mediterranean, and the British Isles. 

What types of accommodations are available on board?

Guests can choose from a range of accommodations, including interior cabins, ocean-view cabins, balcony cabins and luxurious suites. 

Is Ambassador Cruise Line suitable for solo travellers?

Yes, Ambassador Cruise Line welcomes solo travellers and offers accommodations and activities tailored for solo guests. 

What dining options are available on board?

Ambassador Cruise Line offers a variety of dining venues, from fine dining to casual options, with gourmet cuisine prepared by skilled chefs. 

Are shore excursions included in the cruise fare?

Shore excursions are not typically included but can be booked separately to enhance your travel experience. 

Is there entertainment on board?

Yes, the ship features live music, theatre performances, lectures, workshops, and themed events to keep guests entertained. 

Is the cruise line environmentally conscious?

Yes, Ambassador Cruise Line is committed to responsible and sustainable travel practices to minimise its environmental impact. 

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