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Travelmarvel Vega

Sailing through picturesque waterways, this floating oasis transports passengers to the heart of Europe’s most captivating destinations. From the romantic allure of the Danube to the scenic beauty of the Rhine, every journey aboard the Travelmarvel Vega is a voyage of discovery.

The ship itself is a masterpiece of modern design, boasting elegant cabins, gourmet dining options, and a wealth of onboard amenities. Whether indulging in sumptuous cuisine, unwinding in the spa, or simply soaking up the stunning vistas from the sundeck, guests are treated to unparalleled comfort and hospitality at every turn.

With expert guides leading immersive shore excursions and a relaxed yet refined ambiance throughout, Travelmarvel Vega redefines river cruising, inviting travellers to embark on a truly enriching exploration of Europe’s timeless treasures.

  • Occupancy 182
  • Length 443 ft (135.00 m)

Deck Plans

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Top Deck
Upper Deck
Main Deck
Lower Deck

Life on board Travelmarvel Vega

Life on board is a blend of relaxation and adventure, with luxurious accommodations, gourmet dining, and engaging excursions through Europe’s scenic rivers.


Dinner in the Constellations Restaurant is a four-course experience highlighting regional specialties. For a lighter buffet option, you can visit the True North Lounge, or unwind in McGeary’s Bar.

  • Constellations Restaurant
  • True North Lounge
  • McGeary’s Bar


The facilities aboard the Travelmarvel Vega are designed to ensure guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout their journey. She boasts a panoramic lounge and bar where guests can relax and enjoy the scenery, a sun deck with comfortable seating areas, and a wellness area for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether you’re are looking to explore ashore or simply relax on board, Travelmarvel Vega offers a range of facilities to cater to all needs and preferences.

  • Sun Deck
  • Whirlpool
  • Sky Deck Terrace & Bar
  • Fitness Centre
  • Shop
  • Alfresco Lounge


Live entertainment aboard your ship ensures there’s something for everyone, with a variety of acts to suit different tastes. From local performers to live music, evenings are elevated, offering the perfect opportunity to unwind with a drink and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Cabins & Suites

The ship features spacious and elegantly appointed staterooms, many with French balconies offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Owner’s Suite

At 258 square feet, these have a host of benefits including an extra floor-to-ceiling window, an all-weather French Balcony and a larger ensuite. Adding to the indulgence, the larger sitting area and couches are perfect for entertaining guests. 

French Balcony Stateroom

Ideally located on the upper decks, these staterooms feature enhanced floor spaces thanks to their innovative French Balconies, allowing you to enjoy the Fresh air and unimpeded views as you cruise.

Window Stateroom

With 172 square feet of space, these are among the largest entry-level suite categories in Europe.

Travelmarvel Vega FAQs

Where does Travelmarvel Vega sail?

Travelmarvel Vega typically sails along the Danube, Rhine, Main, and Moselle rivers, exploring countries such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Netherlands.

Are shore excursions included?

Yes, Travelmarvel Vega offers a variety of shore excursions as part of its cruise packages, allowing guests to explore key attractions and landmarks at each port of call. Optional excursions may also be available for an additional fee.

Is there on board entertainment?

Yes, Travelmarvel Vega provides entertainment options such as live music, cultural performances, lectures, and themed events to enhance the cruising experience.

What dining options are available on board?

Guests can enjoy delicious meals prepared by onboard chefs, with options ranging from buffet-style breakfasts and lunches to multi-course dinners featuring regional specialties. Dietary restrictions can often be accommodated with advance notice.

Is gratuity included in the cruise fare?

Gratuities for onboard staff are typically included in the cruise fare, but additional tipping for exceptional service is at the discretion of the passengers.

What is the best time to sail with Travelmarvel Vega?

The cruising season for Travelmarvel Vega typically runs from spring to autumn, with each season offering its own unique charms. Spring and autumn often feature milder weather and fewer crowds, while summer provides longer daylight hours for sightseeing.

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