Discover Croatia

Croatia is where all your Mediterranean fantasies come to life. Whether you’re a history buff, looking to acquaint yourself with the country’s Gothic palaces and Baroque villas, or perhaps a wine lover seeking new and exotic grapes, Croatia offers something for all.

For beach lovers, paradise islands are lapped by clear, cerulean waters, while foodies can sample freshly landed seafood in harbourside restaurants. While the coastline is certainly the starring attraction, the magnificent cities are a sight to behold, with an eclectic array of architectural styles ranging from dreamy Belle Époque to imposing Napoleonic fortresses. Head inland, and you’ll discover mountains, tumbling waterfalls and picturesque lakes, too.

Elegant Opatija

Opatija’s elegant Belle Époque villas and seaside promenade stand as memories of a forgotten empire, but you’ll find the best views from Mount Učka with its squat stone tower.

Seaside Streets of Split

Split’s UNESCO-listed Diocletian’s Palace dates back to the 4th century and dominates the cobblestone streets and waterfront parks of this gorgeous seafront city.

Marco Polo and Medieval Sights

The island of Korcula is said to be the birthplace of the explorer Marco Polo – don’t miss the museum and tower – but is best explored after a glass of grk wine and a plate of local cheeses

Hvar’s Beautiful Beaches

Hvar’s sunny shores are perfect for relaxed paddling, but don’t miss out on the olive groves, lavender fields, orchards and vineyards: it’s one of the top winemaking regions in Croatia

The Luxury Yacht Experience

A cruise around Croatia’s coastal gems on board a lavish yacht offers an intimate and luxurious experience. Unwind with a cocktail on the top-deck terrace, witnessing the mesmerising views of the golden sun setting over the glittering ocean, dive into the warm azure waters from a platform at the rear of the yacht and dine in opulent surroundings, sampling delicious flavours from this incredible region.