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17-Day Voyage Of The Vikings

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Cruise Overview

  • Ship Zuiderdam
  • Duration 17 NIGHTS
  • Departure 20 July 2024 20 Jul 2024
  • Cruise type Cruise Only
  • Cruise code U450A

Your Cruise Includes

  • Full-board dinning including, The Dining Room (sit down restaurant), Lido Market (buffet, casual dinning) Drive In (light snacks) & 24-hour in-room dinning
  • Specialty dinning* – Canaletto Italian, Explorations Café, Pinnacle Grill
  • Nightly Entertainment – Live music and live shows Pools & Relaxation – two swimming Pools and Hot tubs
  • Pools & Relaxation – two swimming Pools and Hot tubs
  • Sports, Fitness and Wellness – Jogging track, sport court, fully equipped gym and Greenhouse Spa and Saloon *
  • Family Friendly – Club Hal available to kids 3 – 17
  • Daily activities – Cooking demo’s, computer classes and lectures, Casino*, Duty Free shops* & shore excursions*

**available for surcharge

Your Voyage

Your Itinerary

Day 1
Boston, Massachusetts

Embrace the rich history and vibrant energy of Boston, Massachusetts. With its colonial heritage, world-class institutions, and diverse culture, it’s a city that invites you to explore and discover America’s past and prese...

Day 2
Bar Harbor, Maine

Discover the captivating beauty of Bar Harbor, Maine. Marvel at the rugged coastline, indulge in fresh seafood, and explore Acadia National Park. Let this coastal town’s charm leave you spellbound and craving for more.

Day 3
Relax At Sea
Day 4
Sydney, Nova Scotia

Discover the enchanting beauty of Sydney, Nova Scotia. Nestled on the breath-taking Cape Breton Island, this coastal gem offers captivating landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality. Immerse yourself in its charm and create unfor...

Day 5
Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

Uncover Corner Brook, Newfoundland’s captivating hub. With dramatic views, a rich history tied to Captain James Cook, and the renowned Humber River, this destination invites you to embrace its charm and explore its natural wonde...

Day 6
Red Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

Discover Red Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador’s hidden gem. Experience rugged coastal beauty, Basque whaling history, and awe-inspiring icebergs. Let Red Bay’s charm transport you to a world of exploration and serenity.

Day 7
Relax At Sea
Day 8
Paamiut (Fredrikshaab)

Unveil Paamiut (Fredrikshaab): an Arctic gem. Encounter towering icebergs, rugged landscapes, and a welcoming community. Embrace untouched beauty, find serenity, and create lasting memories in this enchanting destination. Let Paamiut ...

Day 9

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey to Nanortalik, Greenland. Witness the sublime beauty of towering icebergs, majestic fjords, and a resilient community embracing their Arctic heritage. Let nature’s grandeur ignite your soul.

Days 10 - 11
Relax At Sea
Day 12

Welcome to Ísafjörður, a hidden gem nestled amidst majestic fjords. Immerse yourself in its untouched beauty, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear waters. Discover a haven for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

Day 13

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Akureyri, nestled amid Iceland’s breathtaking fjords. The frosted scene is set on some of Iceland’s most beautiful fjords and scattered with quaint churches and magnificent waterfalls...

Days 14 - 15
Relax At Sea
Day 16

Experience Oslo’s enchanting blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication. Explore stunning fjords, lush parks, and world-class museums. Indulge in a vibrant culinary scene. Discover a city that captivates the senses.

Day 17
Relax At Sea
Day 18

Rotterdam, a vibrant masterpiece in the Netherlands. Marvel at its iconic modern architecture, stroll along the bustling waterfront, and immerse yourself in its thriving cultural scene. Let Rotterdam’s energy ignite your passion...


A ship with a design that has been intricately planned to the last detail, Zuiderdam offers an extensive art collection to guests, as well as tasteful furnishings, creating an aesthetic reminiscent of a classic European palace.

With its three-storey atrium, an abundance of bars, restaurants, shops, and lounges to indulge in, and an exhilarating theatre showcasing magnificent shows, this Vista-class ship also offers a seemingly endless range of things to see and do.

Don’t miss out on the stimulating activities and venues available for guests on board, such as cooking classes taught by world-renowned chefs, a luxurious spa, a fitness centre with state-of-the-art equipment, and pools equipped with private cabanas and hot tubs.

For those who wish to take a leisurely stroll under starry skies before retiring for the night, or simply take in all that beautiful scenery, this ship offers spacious decks that provide the perfect vantage points.

  • Occupancy 1964
  • Tonnage 82,305 tons
  • Length 935 ft (285.00 m)

Life on Board Zuiderdam

Life on board Zuiderdam is as far away from the mundanities of everyday life as the discerning traveller could ever dare hope for. With a diverse array of amenities and activities available for you to take advantage of, you can be as busy or as relaxed as you wish at every stage of your cruise.


A cruise isn’t a luxury cruise without a wonderful selection of cuisines to sample from around the world. Sure enough, Zuiderdam offers the full gamut of gastronomic options, ranging from quick and unpretentious bites to eat, right through to refined multiple-course formal dinners, and everything in-between.

  • The Pinnacle Grill
  • Tamarind
  • The Dining Room
  • Rudi’s Sel De Mar
  • Nami Sushi
  • Club Orange
  • Canaletto
  • Taste of De Librije (European Sailings)
  • Lido
  • New York Deli and Pizza
  • Dive-in
  • Grand Dutch Cafe
  • Explorations Cafe
  • Gelato
  • The Culinary Arts Centre


If you desire the highest standard of facilities from your next luxury cruise, you will be looking in the right direction if you consider a voyage on board this Vista-class ship. There is a wide range of facilities available to enjoy on Zuiderdam, from pools and sporting amenities to more relaxing options such as a library and spa.

  • Library
  • Greenhouse Spa & Salon
  • Wi-Fi
  • Three pools (indoor and outdoor)
  • Whirlpools
  • Jacuzzis
  • Nursery
  • Kids Club
  • Youth Area
  • Shops
  • Laundry
  • Fitness Centre
  • Explorations Central


As a guest on board Zuiderdam, you will be able to tap into a seemingly endless assortment of high-class entertainment options. Whether you are in the mood at any one time to take in the thrills of a theatrical show, try your luck in the casino, or dance the night away at the nightclub, this formidable vessel will present you with all the options, and then a few more.

  • Casino
  • Theatre
  • Night Club

Cabins and Suites

The sumptuous accommodation available on board Zuiderdam offers all the comfort and luxury that you’d expect from this five-star cruise line. From cosy Inside Staterooms for those who prefer to explore the wonders of the ship, to lavish and spacious Suites featuring a host of complimentary extras that make your cruise that much more special; there’s an option to suit every traveller.

inside Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Zuiderdam Inside Stateroom

Everyone needs their “creature comforts” when they are seeking out cruise accommodation, and Zuiderdam’s Inside and Large Inside staterooms certainly offer those. These rooms are thoughtfully appointed and offer as much as 151 to 233 square metres of space in which to stretch your legs.

  • Private bathroom with shower, toilet, basin
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Two beds convertible to a queen-size bed
  • Signature Mariner’s Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses
Cruise Code: U450A
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

outside Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Zuiderdam Outside Stateroom

Who wouldn’t appreciate head-turning views of the ocean when they are staying in cruise-ship accommodation? Well, some passengers on board Zuiderdam are fond of the staterooms in this category that offer fully obstructed views, although if you do want to gaze across the ocean on those relaxed evenings in the cabin, stunning full-view and partial-view options are also available.

  • Private bathroom with a shower, toilet, and basin
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Two beds convertible to a queen-size bed
  • Window
  • Signature Mariner’s Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses
  • Desk
  • Separate seating area
Cruise Code: U450A
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

balcony Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Zuiderdam Balcony Stateroom

As the name suggests, the Verandah staterooms on board Zuiderdam are so appealing in part because of the private veranda each one incorporates, affording must-not-miss sea views, although that is not the start and end of the story.

After all, these in-demand cabins also have floor-to-ceiling windows to allow in plenty of natural light, as well as a sitting area and two beds that can be converted to a queen-size bed.

  • Private bathroom with a shower, toilet and basin
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Two beds convertible to queen-size bed
  • Signature Mariner’s Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses
  • Sitting area
  • Private veranda
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
Cruise Code: U450A
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

suite Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Zuiderdam Suite Stateroom

If you don’t wish to compromise with the luxury of your chosen cruise accommodation, a Signature Suite on board Zuiderdam will ensure you don’t have to do so. These are large and comfortable suites, offering up to 384 square feet of space, including the incorporated veranda – just the place from which to appreciate some truly stunning sea views.

  • Choice of firm, medium, or soft pillows
  • Private bathroom with shower, dual vanity, full-size whirlpool bath, and additional shower stall
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Two lower beds convertible to one queen-size bed
  • Separate seating area
  • Private verandah
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Murphy bed
  • Sofa bed
  • Complimentary fresh fruit
  • Deluxe wardrobes
  • Generous storage
  • Complimentary 24-hour in-room dining
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Elemis Aromapure
  • Signature Mariner’s Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses
Cruise Code: U450A
To Book Call
0800 840 5801
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