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Cruise Overview

  • Ship Zaandam
  • Duration 28 NIGHTS
  • Departure 17 February 2024 17 Feb 2024
  • Cruise type Cruise Only
  • Cruise code X417

Your Cruise Includes

  • Full-board dinning including, The Dining Room (sit down restaurant), Lido Market (buffet, casual dinning) Drive In (light snacks) & 24-hour in-room dinning
  • Specialty dinning* – Canaletto Italian, Explorations Café, Pinnacle Grill
  • Nightly Entertainment – Live music and live shows Pools & Relaxation – two swimming Pools and Hot tubs
  • Pools & Relaxation – two swimming Pools and Hot tubs
  • Sports, Fitness and Wellness – Jogging track, sport court, fully equipped gym and Greenhouse Spa and Saloon *
  • Family Friendly – Club Hal available to kids 3 – 17
  • Daily activities – Cooking demo’s, computer classes and lectures, Casino*, Duty Free shops* & shore excursions*

*available for surcharge

Your Voyage

Your Itinerary

Day 1
Miami, Florida

Embrace the electric charm of Miami, Florida. With sun-drenched beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a rich cultural tapestry, Miami beckons you to immerse yourself in its exhilarating energy and create unforgettable memories.

Days 2 - 3
Relax At Sea
Day 4
Sint Maarten

Discover Sint Maarten’s cultural fusion and paradise-like beaches. Dive into thrilling water sports, vibrant nightlife, and breathtaking views. Let this enchanting destination awaken your senses and create lifelong memories in a...

Day 5

Bask in the tropical paradise of Castries, Saint Lucia. With its lush landscapes, turquoise waters, and warm hospitality, it’s a destination that invites you to unwind, explore vibrant markets, and embrace the Caribbean spirit.<...

Day 6

Experience the tropical splendour of Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago. With its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and lush landscapes, it’s a Caribbean haven that invites you to unwind, explore, and indulge in paradise.

Day 7
Relax At Sea
Day 8
Devil's Island

Devil’s Island, part of French Guiana’s Îles du Salut, holds haunting history. Once a penal colony, its eerie ruins contrast with the stunning Atlantic backdrop, creating a captivating and sombre experience.

Day 9
Relax At Sea
Day 10

Discover the unique charm of Macapá, Brazil. Located on the Amazon River’s edge, it’s a gateway to the lush rainforest, diverse cultures, and the enchanting Meeting of Waters phenomenon.

Day 11
Relax At Sea
Day 12

Santarém, where the Amazon meets history. Dive into the lush rainforest, witness the convergence of rivers, and let the ancient tales of indigenous cultures and colonial heritage inspire your journey through this captivating Brazilian...

Day 13
Boca de Valeria

Embrace Boca da Valeria’s untouched wonder. Immerse in the Amazon rainforest’s vibrant embrace, connect with indigenous culture, and leave with a heart touched by the rich flora, fauna, and lasting memories.

Day 14

Uncover Manaus, Brazil—a hidden metropolis within the Amazon Rainforest. Explore Rubber Museums, wander Park of Mindu, witness the endangered Pied Tamarin. Let this enchanting city transport you to a world beyond the jungle.

Day 15

Uncover Manaus, Brazil—a hidden metropolis within the Amazon Rainforest. Explore Rubber Museums, wander Park of Mindu, witness the endangered Pied Tamarin. Let this enchanting city transport you to a world beyond the jungle.

Day 16

Embrace the magic of Parintins, where Amazonian culture comes alive. Witness the dazzling Boi-Bumb annual festival – immerse yourself in the captivating folklore, stunning costumes, and energetic performances. A cultural extrava...

Day 17
Alter do Chão

Unwind in Alter do Chão, the “Caribbean of the Amazon.” Discover serene beauty, crystal-clear waters, and white-sand beaches. Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace and escape to this hidden gem in the heart of the Ama...

Days 18 - 22
Relax At Sea
Day 23

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago’s vibrant heart. Immerse in Carnival energy, explore diverse culture, and embrace Caribbean warmth. Let this city’s rhythm and beauty inspire your tropical adventure.

Day 24

Experience the vibrant soul of Bridgetown, Barbados. With its sun-kissed beaches, rich history, and Caribbean warmth, it’s a city that invites you to embrace the rhythm of island life and create unforgettable memories.

Day 25

Experience the captivating charm of Roseau, Dominica’s capital. Discover lush rainforests, pristine waterfalls, and vibrant Creole culture. Let Roseau’s natural beauty and warm hospitality create unforgettable memories in ...

Day 26

Escape to the tropical paradise of Tortola! With its pristine beaches, azure waters, and relaxed vibes, this British Virgin Island offers an idyllic retreat for those seeking sun-soaked tranquility and adventure.

Days 27 - 28
Relax At Sea
Day 29
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Experience the vibrant allure of Fort Lauderdale. Sun-kissed beaches, a thriving arts scene, and a bustling waterfront await. Indulge in world-class dining, upscale shopping, and endless outdoor adventures in this coastal paradise.


During your stay on board Zaandam, you will be treated to exceptional levels of service by the friendliest members of staff. Accommodating over 1,400 passengers, this Rotterdam-class vessel presents 10 decks graced with all manner of facilities.

Not least among those amenities are elegant dining rooms, cafes, lounges, and bars in which to while away the hours. They’re the perfect places to indulge in the delicious cuisine offered on board, ranging from tempting Western dishes to succulent Asian options.

And there’s not exactly a shortage of glamorous and exhilarating entertainment, either. This iconic vessel provides world-class Broadway entertainment and captivating musical performances.

And of course, you must never forget to take in the stunning views of the ocean from the ship’s perfectly placed balconies. The fact is, Zaandam has it all for your next luxury cruise.

  • Occupancy 1432
  • Tonnage 61,396 tons
  • Length 781 ft (238.00 m)

Life on Board Zaandam

Whether you are searching for a holiday that will enable you to unwind surrounded by the very greatest of ‘creature comforts’, or a jam-packed trip filled with exhilarating activities, Zaandam will provide you with all the amenities and activities with which to construct your dream cruise break.


The culinary options available on your next luxury cruise should be about so much more than simply satisfying your appetite; they should present you with a wealth of highly rewarding taste experiences. This is precisely what the eateries on board Zaandam provide, with dishes on offer to suit even the most discerning gastronomic preferences and dietary requirements.

  • The Pinnacle Grill
  • Tamarind
  • The Dining Room
  • Rudi’s Sel De Mar
  • Nami Sushi
  • Club Orange
  • Canaletto
  • Taste of De Librije (European Sailings)
  • Lido
  • New York Deli and Pizza
  • Dive-in
  • Grand Dutch Cafe
  • Explorations Cafe
  • Gelato
  • The Culinary Arts Center


Almost regardless of the amenities you can imagine having on a luxury cruise, you can be sure of Zaandam offering them, to help make your cruise break satisfying and fulfilling at every turn. Expect such facilities as multiple pools, a library, spa, and so much more.

  • Library
  • Greenhouse Spa & Salon
  • Wi-Fi
  • Three pools (indoor and outdoor)
  • Whirlpools
  • Jacuzzis
  • Nursery
  • Kids Club
  • Youth Area
  • Shops
  • Laundry


With its wealth of sophisticated on-board entertainment options, Zaandam is just the ship on which to be captivated and stimulated at every stage of your cruise – whether you fancy trying your luck at the casino, taking in a thrilling live theatrical show, or something else entirely.

  • Casino
  • Theatre
  • Night Club

Cabins and Suites

The accommodation that Zaandam serves up is every inch as wide-ranging and luxurious as you would expect from a five-star cruise ship. With the choices on offer including cosy inside rooms, palatial suites, and almost everything conceivable in-between, this Rotterdam-class vessel will have the cabin for you and your travelling party.

inside Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Zaandam Inside Stateroom

Zaandam’s luxurious Inside staterooms can be depended on to provide guests with a comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable stay during their cruise. With approximately 182 to 293 square feet of space on offer, these cabins really do tick every essential box.

  • Signature Mariner’s Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses
  • Private bathroom with shower, toilet, and basin
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Two beds convertible to a queen-size bed
Cruise Code: X417
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

outside Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Zaandam Outside Stateroom

“Ocean view” in a Zaandam stateroom means exactly that – stunning views of the open seas that frankly beckon you to get your camera out. Having said that, you are likely to be equally entranced by the generous space, comfort, and amenities offered by the cabin itself.

  • Signature Mariner’s Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses
  • Private bathroom with shower, toilet, and basin
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Two beds convertible to a queen-size bed
  • Window
  • Desk
  • Separate seating area
Cruise Code: X417
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

suite Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Zaandam Suite Stateroom

Secure one of Zaandam’s highly rated Visa Suites for your luxury cruise, so that you can spread your legs in a generous 297 to 379 square feet of space, including the verandah. That’s far from the only pleasure that will await you in this well-appointed stateroom, which represents the perfect place to unwind after a busy day partaking in the abundance of activities elsewhere on the ship.

  • Teak-lined verandah
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Comfortable seating area
  • Two lower beds convertible to one queen-size bed
  • Signature Mariner’s Dream™ bed with plush Euro-Top mattresses
  • Whirlpool bath and shower
  • Mini bar
  • Refrigerator
Cruise Code: X417
To Book Call
0800 840 5801
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