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7-Day Canada & New England Discovery

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Cruise Overview

  • Ship Volendam
  • Duration 7 NIGHTS
  • Departure 15 June 2024 15 Jun 2024
  • Cruise type Cruise Only
  • Cruise code V431

Your Cruise Includes

  • Full-board dinning including, The Dining Room (sit down restaurant), Lido Market (buffet, casual dinning) Drive In (light snacks) & 24-hour in-room dinning
  • Specialty dinning* – Canaletto Italian, Explorations Café, Pinnacle Grill
  • Nightly Entertainment – Live music and live shows Pools & Relaxation – two swimming Pools and Hot tubs
  • Sports, Fitness and Wellness – Jogging track, sport court, fully equipped gym and Greenhouse Spa and Saloon *
  • Family Friendly – Club Hal available to kids 3 – 17
  • Daily activities – Cooking demo’s, computer classes and lectures, Casino*, Duty Free shopping* and shore excursions*

*available for surcharge

Your Voyage

Your Itinerary

Day 1
Montréal, Québec

Montréal, Québec’s cultural heart, pulsates with energy. From historic cobblestone streets to eclectic neighbourhoods and vibrant festivals, it’s a captivating fusion of European charm and North American vibrancy.

Day 2
Quebec City, Québec

Step into the enchanting world of Quebec City. With its cobblestone streets, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, this captivating destination seamlessly blends history and modernity, leaving you spellbound and inspired.

Day 3
Relax At Sea
Day 4
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Step into the warmth of Charlottetown, Canada. Discover the allure of Prince Edward Island with its maritime heritage, red sand beaches, and welcoming spirit. A place where history meets natural beauty, inspiring unforgettable moments...

Day 5
Sydney, Nova Scotia

Discover the enchanting beauty of Sydney, Nova Scotia. Nestled on the breath-taking Cape Breton Island, this coastal gem offers captivating landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality. Immerse yourself in its charm and create unfor...

Day 6
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Embrace Halifax’s vibrant spirit. From maritime history to charming waterfronts, this Nova Scotia gem invites you to indulge in delectable seafood and immerse yourself in East Coast hospitality. Unforgettable experiences await i...

Day 7
Bar Harbor, Maine

Discover the captivating beauty of Bar Harbor, Maine. Marvel at the rugged coastline, indulge in fresh seafood, and explore Acadia National Park. Let this coastal town’s charm leave you spellbound and craving for more.

Day 8
Boston, Massachusetts

Embrace the rich history and vibrant energy of Boston, Massachusetts. With its colonial heritage, world-class institutions, and diverse culture, it’s a city that invites you to explore and discover America’s past and prese...


Volendam is a high-specification ship capable of accommodating 1,432 guests in her spacious cabins. On embarking this Rotterdam-ship, passengers are also sure to notice and admire its tasteful floral-inspired décor.

It’s not all about “surface” impressions, though; Volendam also offers all the amenities that passengers could desire from a five-star luxury cruise experience. That includes a choice of restaurants offering delicious world-class cuisine, as well as lounges, bars, a casino, and a spa.

The other enthralling on-board experiences, meanwhile, encompass seemingly everything from immersive arts and crafts to entertaining trivia nights.

Why not take in such novelties as the big-screen BBC Earth in Concert, which will help you feel closer to the natural world, or Explorations Central, which comprises destination programming that will leave you feeling better informed about the places you visit?

  • Occupancy 1432
  • Tonnage 61,214 tons
  • Length 781 ft (238.00 m)

Life on Board Volendam

No ship does sophistication quite like Voldendam, and with a wide range of luxury restaurants and enthralling entertainment facilities on board, you’re nigh-on guaranteed a cruise break to remember for all the right reasons.


Whether you are in the mood for an exquisite continental breakfast, the ultimate steakhouse at sea, or simply a sip or three of the finest coffee as you watch the waves, Volendam will have just the options to satisfy you.

  • The Dining Room
  • Lido Market
  • Pinnacle Grill
  • Canaletto
  • Dive-in
  • Explorations Cafe
  • 24-hour room service


Volendam is equipped with a wide range of leisure facilities to accommodate every possible age, preference, and requirement. Work up a sweat in the on-board gym or unwind in the luxurious spa after a long day at sea. With so much to see and do, you can be sure of feeling consistently inspired throughout your cruise.


  • Library
  • Greenhouse Spa and Salon
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sport
  • Two pools
  • Whirlpools
  • Jacuzzis
  • Nursery
  • Kids Area
  • Youth Area
  • Shops
  • Weddings on board
  • Laundry


Experience electric entertainment on board Volendam. From recently released films in the on-board cinema, and a casino with slots and electronic gaming machines, to exploring the fascinating natural world with BBC Earth in Concert, the entertainment options include something for every taste.

  • Casino
  • Theatre
  • Night Club
  • BBC Earth in Concert
  • Explorations Central
  • World Stage
  • Cantare

Cabins and Suites

Voldendam features a wide range of spacious and luxurious cabins offering scenic ocean views and unparalleled comfort, so that you can truly unwind after a satisfying day at sea.

inside Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Volendam Inside Stateroom

These cosy havens are equipped with modern and generous amenities to help ensure the utmost comfort and convenience. They feature, among other perks, two beds that can be converted to a queen-size bed.

  • Private bathroom with a shower, toilet, and basin
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Two beds convertible to a queen-size bed
Cruise Code: V431
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

outside Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Volendam Outside Stateroom

Volendam offers exquisite ocean-view staterooms that provide spectacular vistas of the sea during your voyage. However, some of these spacious suites have partial or fully obstructed views, so it is important to be mindful of potential differences between the different available staterooms in this category.  

  • Private bathroom with a shower, toilet, and basin
  • Telephone 
  • Safe
  • Two beds convertible to a queen-size bed 
  • Window 
Cruise Code: V431
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

balcony Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Volendam Balcony Stateroom

The Lanai rooms epitomise indulgence and are perfect for those seeking the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. These luxurious rooms feature amenities such as a private balcony with sliding glass doors mirrored for privacy, as well as plush mattresses on the queen-sized bed, and premium massage shower heads.

  • Private bathroom with a shower, toilet, and basin
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Two beds convertible to a queen-size bed
  • Sitting area
  • Private veranda
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
Cruise Code: V431
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

suite Prices from Sold Out

Holland America Volendam Suite Stateroom

Appropriately named after the god of the sea, the Neptune Suites on board Volendam are luxurious and spacious suites with exquisite amenities, including use of the exclusive Neptune Lounge. Guests can also take advantage of special privileges such as priority boarding and disembarkation, complimentary laundry service, and 24/7 room service.

  • Use of the exclusive Neptune Lounge
  • Private bathroom with shower, dual vanity, additional shower and toilet
  • Full-size whirlpool bath
  • Telephone
  • Safe
  • Two beds convertible to king size
  • Sitting area
  • Private veranda
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
Cruise Code: V431
To Book Call
0800 840 5801
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