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Cruise Overview

  • Ship Silver Origin
  • Duration 7 NIGHTS
  • Departure 21 February 2026 21 Feb 2026
  • Cruise type Cruise Only
  • Cruise code OR260221007

Your Cruise Includes

  • Complimentary premium shore excursions included at every port*
  • Silversea port-to-port fare^
  • All Inclusive cruising – enjoy free-flowing premium wines and spirits, delicious gourmet cuisine & in-suite dining
  • Full butler service for every suite and Pre-paid gratuities
  • Explorer Lounge – By day you can meet for briefings with their Expedition Team, while by night, the space doubles as a relaxing lounge bar with a pianist playing
  • Basecamp The perfect meeting point for Zodiac excursions and a chance to prepare for your next adventure
  • Beauty Spa & Salon**, World class fitness centre and fitness classes
  • The first built destination specific ship with amazing expedition experiences of luxury in the Galapagos
  • Complimentary Zodiac tours, snorkelling and kayaking to nature hikes led by our naturalist experts and certified guides

*Offer includes one excursion per guest, per port/day. Additional excursions available at an extra charge

*Some services may not be available or may be subject to variation. Please check each destination for full details of the fare inclusions. Silversea will cover the cost of a pre-determined distance (based on the cruise), up to 50 miles. Terms and conditions apply.

**Available for a supplement

^Door-to-door fares available, covering everything from private executive transfers, economy flights, business class upgrades or air credit, shore excursions and all-inclusive on board lifestyle – call for prices

Your Voyage

Your Itinerary

Day 1
San Cristóbal Island, Galápagos

San Cristóbal Island, where nature’s wonders come alive. Encounter majestic Galapagos wildlife,  and let the untamed beauty of San Cristóbal ignite your sense of adventure and leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Day 1
Roca León Dormido

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Roca León Dormido, the majestic “Sleeping Lion Rock” in the Galápagos. Sail through crystal-clear waters, witness diverse marine life, and be enchanted by this natural wonder.

Day 2
Bartolome Island

Embark on an odyssey to Bartolome Island, a Galapagos jewel. Witness volcanic landscapes, encounter unique wildlife, and immerse in this ecological paradise. Let Bartolome ignite your spirit of exploration and conservation.

Day 2
Santiago Island, Galápagos

Santiago Island, a paradise of contrasts in the Galapagos. Marvel at its volcanic landscapes, encounter unique wildlife, and let the pristine beaches and azure waters ignite your sense of wonder and connection with nature.

Day 3
Punta Vicente Roca, Isabela Island, Galápagos

Explore Punta Vicente Roca, Isabela Island, Galápagos. Dive into a vibrant underwater world, witness volcanic cliffs, and embrace the enchantment of this hidden gem. Let its beauty ignite your love for nature.

Day 3
Punta Espinoza, Fernandina Island, Galápagos

Discover Punta Espinoza, Fernandina Island, Galápagos. Encounter untamed beauty as lava meets pristine shores, witness unique wildlife, and ignite your spirit with awe. Embrace the power of nature in this volcanic wonderland.

Day 4
Caleta Tagus

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Caleta Tagus, a secluded haven nestled amidst dramatic cliffs. Unleash your inner explorer, witness breathtaking vistas, and create unforgettable memories in this untouched paradise.

Day 4
Elizabeth Bay, Isabela Island, Galápagos

Elizabeth Bay, Isabela Island, Galápagos, reveals serene mangrove lagoons and diverse marine life. The bay’s secluded waters offer a tranquil haven for snorkeling and witnessing the archipelago’s underwater wonders.

Day 5
Post Office Bay, Floreana, Galápagos

Post Office Bay, Floreana’s historic marvel. Send messages via a centuries-old barrel, swim with sea lions, and witness Galápagos wonders. Let this bay’s unique charm and biodiversity inspire your expedition.

Day 5
Champion Island, Galápagos

Embark on a remarkable journey to Champion Island in the Galápagos. Discover diverse wildlife, pristine landscapes, and an awe-inspiring marine world that will ignite your spirit of adventure like never before.

Day 5
Punta Cormorant, Floreana Island, Galápagos

Indulge in the extraordinary allure of Punta Cormorant on Floreana Island, Galápagos. Witness the dance of flamingos, stroll on pristine beaches, and snorkel in turquoise waters teeming with marine life.

Day 6
Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz

Unleash your sense of adventure in Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz. Encounter unique wildlife, explore pristine natural wonders, and explore their marine ecosystem. Be captivated by the extraordinary biodiversity of the Galapagos Island...

Day 6
Los Gemelos, Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos

Uncover the natural wonder of Los Gemelos on Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos. These twin volcanic sinkholes offer a unique glimpse into the archipelago’s geological history, a place where curiosity meets awe-inspiring beauty.

Day 7
Dragon Hill, Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos

Dragon Hill on Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos, beckons with its unique landscape and wildlife. Land iguanas roam this arid region, providing a chance to witness the archipelago’s fascinating biodiversity up close.

Day 7
Isla Guy Fawkes, Galapagos

Isla Guy Fawkes, Galápagos’ hidden jewel. Immerse in unique wildlife, explore volcanic landscapes, and tread where history and nature intertwine. Let this island awaken your sense of wonder and discovery.

Day 7
Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos

Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos. With its diverse ecosystems, unique wildlife, and volcanic landscapes, it’s a destination that offers a front-row seat to the wonders of evolution and the unspoiled beauty of the Pacific.

Day 8
San Cristóbal Island, Galápagos

San Cristóbal Island, where nature’s wonders come alive. Encounter majestic Galapagos wildlife,  and let the untamed beauty of San Cristóbal ignite your sense of adventure and leave an indelible mark on your soul.

Silver Origin

With a team of Ecuadorian national expert guides, the highest crew-to-guest ratio in the Galapagos, eight Zodiacs and seamless hybrid spaces, a Silver Origin cruise provides the perfect base for a truly extraordinary voyage of discovery.

Pioneers in championing sustainability throughout their fleet, Silversea have ensured that the Silver Origin cruise ship has been designed to have the lowest possible carbon footprint in order to protect the Galapagos, including a dynamic positioning system that protects the delicate seabed. A voyage with Silver Origin also gives you the opportunity to be come an expedition expert yourself, with more guides per guest than any other ship and the introduction of Basecamp. This ‘knowledge lounge’ provides a wealth of inside knowledge so you can deeply immerse yourself in the rich wildlife and nature of this astounding archipelago.

Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll also enjoy all the hallmarks of the famous Silversea experience – personal butlers, fine dining and exceptional service.

  • Occupancy 100
  • Tonnage 5,800 tons
  • Length 331 ft (101.00 m)

Life on Board Silver Origin

With all-suite accommodation, Horizon Balconies, butler service, stylish interiors, an interactive basecamp and Ecuadorian inspired cuisine, a Silver Origin cruise delivers a truly immersive experience which will take you to the very heart and soul of the Galapagos.


Enjoy the theatre of lava stone cooking at The Grill where you can cook your food directly at your table to your own taste, or indulge in the understated luxury of The Restaurant, brimming with elegance and impeccable service. Menus here feature regional specialities unique to your voyage.

  • The Grill
  • The Restaurant

Bars & Lounges

Those looking for a nightcap to help them unwind can head to the Explorer Lounge. By night, the space doubles as a relaxing lounge bar at the heart of the ship to meet with friends with a pianist playing for your listening pleasure.

  • Explorer Lounge


When you’re not exploring the flora and fauna of the Galapagos, there’s plenty of activities to enjoy on board Silversea’s Silver Origin. Take a dip in the hot tub located on Deck seven and take in the incredible scenery with a glass of champagne or delve further into the history of the Galapagos in the educational centre at Basecamp.

  • Beauty Salon
  • Fitness Centre
  • Beauty Spa
  • Observation Lounge
  • Basecamp
  • Explorer Lounge
  • Hot Tubs


For those who still have the energy for entertainment after a jam packed day exploring the Galapagos, there’s a piano player who plays in the main Explorer Lounge – the perfect way to unwind with a cocktail in hand.

  • Stargazing
  • Enrichment Lectures
  • Live Nightly Music


An allsuite ship, Silver Origin has some of the largest suites in the Galapagos. All are luxurious, elegant and spacious and provide a haven of comfort and indulgence to relax in during your expedition voyage.

suite Prices from £10,500pp

Silversea Silver Origin Silver Suite Cabin
Silversea Silver Origin Silver Suite Cabin
Silversea Silver Origin Silver Suite Cabin
Silversea Silver Origin Silver Suite Cabin

The elegant and stylish Silver Suite boasts enormous floor-to-ceiling windows so you can enjoy the most captivating views of the Galapagos Islands and seascape. An ocean-view whirlpool bath allows you to experience the splendour of the islands, while enjoying the indulgent comforts of Silversea.

  • Dedicated butler
  • Queen size bed
  • Veranda
  • Pillow menu
  • Marbled bathroom with vanity, separate shower and whirlpool bath
  • Plush bathrobes, luxury bath amenities & slippers
  • Vanity table with hair dryer
  • Walk-in wardrobe with personal safe
  • Living room with sitting area
  • Refrigerator and bar setup stocked with your preferences
  • Espresso machine
  • Unlimited Premium Wifi
  • Two large flat screen TVs
  • Dinner at officer’s table
  • Daily canapé service
  • Champagne on arrival, with special welcome chocolates and fresh fruit stand
  • Complimentary laundry, pressing & wet cleaning
Cruise Code: OR260221007
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