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Cruise Overview

  • Ship MSC Poesia
  • Duration 19 NIGHTS
  • Departure 15 November 2024 15 Nov 2024
  • Cruise type Cruise Only
  • Cruise code PO20241115TARBUE

Your Cruise Includes

  • Full Board cruising – Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks. Available in Buffet & Main restaurants
  • Entertainment – Broadway-style shows in the theatre, live music in bars and lounges, giant poolside cinema screen
  • Swimming pools, Hot tubs & Sports Courts
  • Spa & Wellness* –The Aurea Spa & Fitness Centre with fully equipped gym & fitness classes
  • Family Friendly ship including Dinosaur themed playroom, age specific kids clubs & activities
  • Specialty Restaurants * – Includes Kaito Sushi Bar

*Available for supplement

Your Voyage

Your Itinerary

Day 1

Tarragona, where history and modernity converge. Explore ancient Roman ruins, stroll through charming streets, and savor the Mediterranean essence. Discover the past and embrace the present in this vibrant city.

Day 2

Let Valencia, Spain, ignite your senses with its captivating blend of history, vibrant streets, and architectural wonders. Immerse yourself in its transformative energy, and let this enchanting city leave an indelible mark on your sou...

Day 3
Relax At Sea
Day 4

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Cádiz, Spain. With its ancient charm, vibrant culture, and coastal allure, it’s a city that invites you to embrace the rich history and lively spirit of Andalusia.

Day 5

Unveil the wonders of Lisbon, Portugal. Lose yourself in its vibrant streets, where history and modernity intertwine. Indulge in delectable cuisine, soak in panoramic views, and embrace the city’s captivating spirit.

Day 6
Relax At Sea
Day 7
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Discover the captivating allure of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Bask in golden beaches, embrace vibrant city life, and delve into a melting pot of cultures. Let this destination ignite your spirit of adventure.

Day 8
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Embrace the island allure of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. With its cosmopolitan energy, beautiful beaches, and Carnival celebrations, it’s a destination that harmonises modern living with the timeless beauty of the Canary Islands.

Days 9 - 13
Relax At Sea
Day 14

Recife, Brazil’s vibrant heart. Dance to frevo beats, explore historic neighborhoods, and embrace Northeastern warmth. Let this city’s rich culture and coastal beauty inspire your Brazilian journey.

Day 15
Salvador de Bahia

Salvador de Bahia, where vibrant rhythms and rich culture dance in harmony. Lose yourself in the vibrant streets, feel the heartbeat of Afro-Brazilian heritage, and let Salvador’s energy ignite your spirit.

Day 16
Relax At Sea
Day 17
Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s vibrant heart. Embrace the rhythm of samba, ascend iconic peaks, and bask on sun-kissed beaches. Let this dynamic city and cultural richness inspire your South American journey.

Days 18 - 19
Relax At Sea
Day 20
Buenos Aires

Immerse yourself in the passion and culture of Buenos Aires, Argentina. With its tango rhythms, European-inspired architecture, and culinary delights, it’s a city that invites you to embrace the vibrant soul of South America.

MSC Poesia

From the very beginning of your cruise, you will experience a wonderful level of comfort on board MSC Poesia. She also features a Zen Garden, as well as a relaxing spa offering a multitude of services and facilities, from massages to a sauna and a steam room.

Meaning ‘poetry’ in Italian, MSC Poesia emulates the beauty and sophistication of the written prose, including through its elegant and stylish decor.

No matter your age or hobby, there is practically guaranteed to be a little something – or several – on board MSC Poesia to keep you enchanted and stimulated. From a golf course to a dinosaur-inspired play area, all manner of amenities and attractions await your discovery.

Whether holidaying with family, treating yourself to a luxury ‘solo’ vacation, or enjoying a romantic escape, MSC Poesia offers you the opportunity of an exquisitely peaceful and memorable time out at sea.

  • Occupancy 3013
  • Tonnage 92,627 tons
  • Length 965 ft (294.00 m)

Life on Board MSC Poesia

A wide range of restaurants, lounges, facilities and entertainment means you’ll never be short of things to do on board MSC Poesia.


MSC Poesia Food and Drink
MSC Poesia Food and Drink
MSC Poesia Food and Drink

True to its Mediterranean heart, you will find authentic Mediterranean dishes on board MSC Poesia, as well as cuisines and drinks from around the world via an enviable complement of quality restaurants and bars.


  • Il Palladio Ristorante
  • Kaito Sushi Bar
  • Le Fontane Ristorante
  • Villa Pompeiana Buffet Restaurant

Bars & Lounges:

  • Il Grappolo d’Oro
  • Pigalle Lounge
  • Villa Pompeiana Cafeteria
  • Giada Bar
  • The Hitchcock Lounge Cigar Room
  • Mojito Bar
  • The Zebra Bar
  • Le Rendez Vous Bar


MSC Poesia Facilities
MSC Poesia Facilities
MSC Poesia Facilities

Chill out in style on board MSC Poesia with its generous selection of relaxation and fitness facilities that will help you lie back, put your feet up, and unwind – or make full use of your excess energy at the state-of-the-art sports centre.

  • Three swimming pools
  • Four whirlpool baths
  • Zen Garden
  • MSC Aurea Spa
  • Sports centre
  • Gym
  • Boutiques and shops


MSC Poesia Entertainment
MSC Poesia Entertainment
MSC Poesia Entertainment

With MSC Cruises being noted as a child-friendly cruise line, all ships that make up the company’s fleet – including MSC Poesia – offer a little bit of everything for everyone. So, you can rest assured that your little ones – not just the adults in attendance – will thoroughly enjoy themselves.

  • I Dinosauri Children’s Playroom
  • Poker/Card Room
  • Photo Arcade
  • Teatro Carlo Felice
  • S32 Disco
  • Casino Royal
  • Meeting Center

Cabins & Suites

On MSC Poesia you’ll find the premium, luxury cabins and suites that you can expect from an MSC Cruise Ship.

inside Prices from Sold Out

MSC Poesia Interior Cabin

The Interior staterooms on board MSC Poesia are ideal for recharging your batteries after an extensive day of taking in the ship’s wealth of attractions and activities.

These suites provide every perk that the guest could realistically desire when they wish to have a great experience on a luxury cruise. So, when you book your own Interior suite, you can look forward to the following features:

  • Wardrobe
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Hairdryer
  • Comfortable double bed which can be converted into twin beds
  • Interactive TV
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Telephone and safe
  • Mini bar
  • Air conditioning
  • In-cabin Bluetooth speaker
  • Relaxing armchair
Cruise Code: PO20241115TARBUE
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

outside Prices from Sold Out

MSC Poesia Ocean View Cabin

If you can barely tolerate the thought of having to take your eyes off the ocean for any extended period during your high-end cruise on board MSC Poesia, you will be pleased to hear that you don’t have to do so. Instead, why not book an Ocean View cabin, complete with its private panoramic window that affords you continually captivating ocean vistas from the start to the end of your trip?

Opting for one of these sought-after staterooms will also mean having access to the following amenities and features:

  • Wardrobe
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Hairdryer
  • In-cabin Bluetooth speakers
  • A panoramic sliding window that turns into a glass balustrade when open
  • Comfortable double bed which can be converted into twin beds
  • Interactive TV
  • Wi-Fi connection (at an extra cost)
  • Telephone and safe
  • Mini bar
  • Air conditioning
Cruise Code: PO20241115TARBUE
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

balcony Prices from Sold Out

MSC Poesia Balcony Cabin

As the name indicates, a Balcony stateroom on board MSC Poesia is, in part, about the private balcony guests get to enjoy, complete with the associated breathtaking ocean views.

But with these rooms also boasting all the same amenities that the ship’s Interior suites do, there is so much more to their charms. You can expect such features and perks as:

  • Wardrobe
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Hairdryer
  • Private balcony with Promenade or Ocean View
  • Comfortable double bed which can be converted into twin beds
  • Interactive TV
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Telephone and safe
  • Mini bar
  • Air conditioning
Cruise Code: PO20241115TARBUE
To Book Call
0800 840 5801

suite Prices from Sold Out

MSC Poesia Suite Cabin

Accommodating up to six guests, you can be sure this remarkable suite offers plenty of living space. Benefitting from a furnished balcony, you’ll enjoy spending some time witnessing the mesmerising views of the sapphire ocean and feeling the gentle sea breeze across your skin.

  • Surface 25 sqm, balcony 6 sqm
  • Spacious wardrobe
  • Bathroom with bathtub, vanity areas with hairdryer
  • Comfortable double or single beds (on request)
  • Interactive TV, telephone, Wifi connection available (for a fee), and minibar
  • Can accommodate up to six people
  • ZOE – in-cabin Bluetooth speaker
Cruise Code: PO20241115TARBUE
To Book Call
0800 840 5801
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