AmaWaterways, a leading river cruise company, offers an unforgettable blend of luxury, comfort, and cultural exploration on Europe’s waterways.

AmaWaterways stands as an unrivalled leader in the world of river cruising, providing discerning travellers with extraordinary voyages across Europe, Asia, and Africa. With a focus on luxury, innovation, and immersive experiences, AmaWaterways offers an enchanting way to explore the world’s most iconic waterways.

Setting the bar high for river cruising, AmaWaterways boasts an impressive fleet of elegant, state-of-the-art ships that effortlessly blend comfort and sophistication. On board, guests are treated to spacious staterooms, most with private balconies, world-class amenities, exceptional dining experiences that showcases regionally inspired dishes, and impeccable service from a dedicated crew.

The heart of an AmaWaterways journey lies in it meticulously curated itineraries. These voyages take travellers beyond the typical tourist path, introducing them to local cultures, traditions, and hidden gems in the most charming riverside towns and cities. Guided excursions, led by knowledgeable local experts, allow guests to immerse themselves in each destination fully.

AmaWaterways Destinations

AmaWaterways Cruise Ships

Zambezi Queen
One of AmaWaterways’ remarkable twin-balcony river ships, the newly reimagined AmaVerde, is full of light, love and bold artwork showcasing vibrant, modern designs.
AMAWaterways AmaLea is a luxurious river cruise ship operated by AMAWaterways. Launched in 2018, she offers a range of itineraries along the rivers of Europe.
Step on board the AmaLyra, an exquisite vessel by AMAWaterways that defines the pinnacle of river cruising.
AmaDante offers luxurious accommodations, gourmet dining, guided excursions, and scenic river views on European waterways.
AmaDolce is a luxurious river cruise ship renowned for its opulent amenities and personalised service, offering an unparalleled journey through Europe’s waterways.
AmaSonata is a luxurious river cruise ship that offers an exceptional experience on the water.
Newly reimagined in 2021, the graceful AmaBella is a stunning river ship accommodating just 160 passengers.
Discover the epitome of luxury cruising aboard the AmaViola, an extraordinary river ship by AMAWaterways.

Curated By Imagine

River Cruising
Melodies of the Danube Discovery
Mar 2024 - Apr 2024
7 nights
£1,399 pp.
River Cruising
Paris & Normandy Escapade: Highlights of the River Seine
Mar 2024 - Mar 2024
7 nights
£1,799 pp.
River Cruising
Romantic Danube
Mar 2024 - Apr 2024
7 nights
£1,499 pp.
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